The DOC certification is dated back to 1979.

It is prepared as red and rose’, with grapes coming from Brindisi and Mesagne. In its preparation we used grapes of Negroamaro for at least 70%; the other 30% can be made of Malvasia nero of Brindisi, Sussumaniello, Montepulciano and Sangiovese, alone or in conjunction, tough Sangiovese cannot exceed 10%.

The Rosso reserve has to be aged at least 2 years and it must have an alcoholic gradation of 12,5º C.

Brindisi Rosso has a ruby colour that tends to bright orange tones when it is aged.

The smell is deep; the taste is velvety dry harmonious and with a slight bitter backs taste.

Its alcoholic content is 12º C and it must be served in a medium tulip glass at a service temperature of 18º – 20º C. It is good over pasta with beans, first courses au ragu’, stewed meat, seasoned cheese.

The reserve is good over grilled meat, game strong cheese.

Brindisi rose’ has a coral pink colour, sometimes-soft burgundy: its smell is fruity and delicate and it must be drunk in a medium tulip glass at a service temperature of 14 º– 15º C. It is good over starters, sauces, and soup of fish, chicken, rabbit, and fresh cheese.

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