The DOC certification has been recognised in 1975.

Grapes come for a 35-60% fro Uva di Troia with the adding of Sangiovese ad Malvasia Nera (25 –35%) and, alone or in conjunction, grapes from Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia del Chianti e Bantino Bianco (not over the 30 %).

We have only the red one.

Il Cacc’e’ mitte has a ruby red colour of various gradations ad with a characteristic smell, very pleasant and deep.

It is aged 2 years; its minimum alcoholic gradation is 11,5° C and it must be served at a service temperature of 18° C In a slender tulip glass. It is good over eat based first courses and cured pork meat and all classical pastasciutta pugliese with tomato sauce.

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