DOC certification is dated back to 1974. It says that this wine must be made of the following grapes: Uva di Trebbiano (at least 53%), Negroamaro (15-30%), Sangiovese, Barbera, Montepulciano Malbech e Trebbiano, up to 15 %, alone or mixed with other kinds of grapes.

The only admitted wine is the red one.

The reserve wording is given only to the 2 years old wine, which must have a 13º C alcoholic gradation.

Rosso di Cerignola must have these characteristics:

The colour shall be ruby red or brick red if aged wine: the smell shall be alcoholic and pleasant, the taste dry and harmonious with a pleasantly bitter back taste.

The minimum gradation is 12º C, at least 13 in the reserve one.

It must be drunk at a service temperature of 16º-18º C in a tulip glass (of a rounded kind for reserve).

It’s better to drink it over our traditional dishes like pastasciutta al ragu’ (meat based) or over boiled mixed or white meat, over light stews and medium seasoning cheese; the reserve one is good over grilled red meat, stews, game and cheese with a strong and seasoned taste.

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