The Doc recognition to Gravina wine is dated back to 1983.

For its preparation, it is used Malvasia of Chianti (40-65%) and then Greco di Tufo and Bianco Di Alessano, alone or in conjunction, which can vary from 35 to 60 %.

There could be a contribution of grapes fro Bombino Bianco, Trebbiano Toscano e Verdica but they, alone or In conjunction with others, cannot exceed the 10% of the whole used grapes.

One can have even the spumante one. Gravina is pale yellow that tends to pale green.

Its smell is vividly, the taste is dry or pleasant but always fresh, harmonious and delicate.

The minimum alcoholic content is 11°C and the service temperature is of 8-10° C.

It must be served in a slender tulip if it is dry or in a flute if it is spumante.

The dry one is excellent with light soups, eggs, mozzarelle ad soft cheese, shellfish and grilled stew low fat fishes.

Spumante is better as aperitifs.

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