• 500gr of yellow capsicums
  • garlic, parsley, capers
  • grated bread
  • extravirgin olive oil

Wash well the capsicums and put them in a low pot with some water.

Cook them in the oven (200° C) till the skin can be removed. Roll them constantly to avoid them to burn.

When the cooking is finished remove the skin and eliminate the internal seeds of the capsicums.

Keep the water remained on the bottom of the pot and filter it.

Prepare some minced garlic and the parsley.

Put the capsicum in a pot and add the water you kept, some oil the minced garlic, the capers and in the end the grated bread.

Let them cook au gratin in the oven for 15 minutes and serve the.


You can add even the achovy(in small quantity) if pleased.

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