Mature figs


Take some mature and mature figs: cut them in 4 parts, 

cover them with water and cook till they became a mush(they should be cut in a half more or less).

Pour the still boiling mixture in a closely woven length of cloth, that you will close like a bag and wring them vigorously

In order to make the more liquid come out.

Pour the obtained liquid in a stainless steel pot and cook it slowly for some hours

(it could be even 2 or 3 hours)mixing it often with a wood tablespoon.

The cooked wine will be ready when it will be dense and trickling like the honey.

Botttle it when it is still hot but not boiling.

When it is cold close the bottles with an hermetically sealed.

You can use it even after a long time for its preparation(my mother use it even over cartellate in the dough of sasanelli)

PS Usually you can obtain 1 litre or a litre and a half of cooked wine from 20 kg of figs according the kind of figs you use.

The figs can be mor or less watery. 

In the shop you can find often a very fluid cooked wine: it means that the preparation is not really good.

It seems that some years ago when the chemist was not so popular, 

the most popular medicine used by people as  sedative of cough was the cooked wine.

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