• 1 kg of short crust pastry
  • 500 gr of cherry jam or grape one
  • 100 gr of kernels of walnut
  • minced skin of orange or lemon
  • cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar

Put in a tureen the jam, the minced kernel of walnut, the skin of orange or lemon, some cinnamon and mix altogether.

Divide the short crust pastry, already prepared, in some balls.

Stretch, one at time, on a floured plan, with rolling pin. Get from it a lot of disks of 8 cm of diameter.

In the middle of every disk put a tablespoon of jam’s mixture.

Close every disk getting half- made and make the edges adhere well.

Put pastatelle in a greased and floured tin(or covered with waxed paper) and sprinkled with sugar.

Put the tin in the oven (200° C) for half an hour.

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