It is a tipical sweet eaten during Saint St. Joseph’s day (19th of March).


In a pot make the water boiling, heating the butter and some salt: when they start boiling,

add the flour mixing rapidly with a wood tablespoon till the mixture doesn’t remove from the pot

(this phase last in 10 minutes).

Let the mixture being cool.

Add, mixing and once a time the egg whites and the yolks.

Pour the mixture in a confectioner’s forcing bag with a star nussel and make small ciambelle

with the hole in the centre (if you are good at, you can make them in the oil where you fry them).

Fry them in the extravirgin olive oil (which shall be very hot)

turning zeppole three or four times so you can have  homogeneous cooking.

They are cooked when they have a golden colour.

If they are good, they rise and don’t absorbe the exceeding oil.

Now they should be guarnished, cutting in halves, with confectioner’s custard and two black cherries in syrup.

Put in 2 opposites points a teaspoon of jam.

Sprinkle them with icing sugar and, if you like, cinnamon.

PS if you can’t or don’t want to eat them fried, you can cook thm in the oven.

Put zeppole in a pot and cook the 190°C till they become golden.

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