• 400 gr of drum wheat
  • 1 dl of tepid water
  • salt

Pour on the pastry board the drum wheat and same salt make a round open dish and add the tepid water you need.

Work the dhug for ten minutes till you see some little bubbles in it; you should have a very frin and sleek dhug.

Take a piece of dhug and roll it on the pastry board covered with flavour till you will obtain a little cylinder with the thickness of a pencil; cut it in small pieces 1 centimetre long.

‘Drag’ with the rounded point of a knife every piece on the pastry board so that the dhug bendig became like a shell.

Lean every shell on the point of the thumb and knock it over back helping yourself if necessary with the blade of a knife.

Put them one next to the other on a length of cloth or on the pastry board. Go on   in the same way till the dhug will be finished.

I advise you to prepare them the night before you want to eat them and let them drying all the night.

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