Orecchiette ( typical apulian pasta ) with seafood


  • 1kilo (2.2 lbs.) of orecchiette (typical apulian pasta) 
  • 1,5 (3.3 lbs.) kilos of seafood (mussels, clams etc.) 
  • 2 fresh cuttlefish (about 1 kilo or 2,2 lbs) 
  • 3 small tomatoes 
  • 2 cloves garlic 
  • 150 gr. (6 oz.) rocket leaves 
  • extra-virgin olive oil 
  • salt to taste 

Clean and wash thoroughly the cuttlefish and cut into small pieces (1-2 cm. or 0,5 inch). Wash the seafood and put them in a pan, over low heat, until all shells open, stirring now and then with a wooden spoon. Leave to cool. Clean seafood of shells and set aside, strain cooking juices through a sieve lined with a cheesecloth and pour over seafood. Put 5-6 tbs. and the crushed garlic in a large pan, over low heat, until tender, remove garlic and add chopped tomatoes (you’ll need them to add colour to the dish). After ½ a min. add the cuttlefish and continue cooking over low heat. Cook until all water evaporates. Add seafood with its water. After 3-4 min. salt to taste (generally not necessary). Meanwhile cook the orecchiette in boiling water (like any other kind of pasta) drain and mix in a large bowl with seafood and cuttlefish. Add chopped rocket leaves mix thoroughly and serve hot. We suggest to serve with a white wine such as Gravina Doc. p.s. 

The ingredients for this recipe are enough to serve a dinner for 10.

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