SAYING          So sciote a mamma p’abbende’

                         So occhiete e’ fete da muzzeque.

                            I went to mum’s house to rest

                            And I found the beans to clean


500 gr di  pasta

extra virgin olive oil

400 gr of dry broad beans (shelt)

Put in a pot the broad beans covered with water and let them in it for 12 hours.

Drain and let  them cooking over a low heat in a lot of water.

When the water boils, move the foam on the surface and add, little by little, some water to avoid that the broad beans dry.

After 1 hour that they’re cooking, make the broad beans being cream and mixed them with pasta, already cooked.

In the end, add a bit of extra virgin olive oil and pepper. 

Control the salt and serve them.

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