Lampascioni or lambascioni are a real delicacy for people of Puglia.

They are wild onion with a bitter taste and grow up in the uncultivated soils.

They come out ploughing the soils and are sold like a delicious thing.

Unlike the normal onions, they need 4 or 5 years to grow up and being picked.


400 gr of lampascioni

extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper

After having cleaned lampascioni, wash them with water.

It would be better to leave them in the water for a whole night to eliminate the excess of bitter in the taste and the day after clean them again.

Dry and nick them in 4 parts. Put them in plentiful hot oil, let them open like  a rose during the cooking.

Drain them on assorbing sheets.

Serve them hot with not too much salt and pepper.

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