100 grams (½ cup of small mint leaves), ½ kilo of sugar (2 ½ cups of sugar), one liter (5 cups of water), one liter (5 cups) of 90° alcohol.


Pick the mint leaves in the early morning. Add them to the alcohol and put in a jar, closing the lid. Let sit for ten days. Every two days, shake the jar for a couple of minutes. Add the end of the ten day period of infusion, take out the leaves, put them in a canvas cloth and squeeze thoroughly, letting the liquid fall back into the jar.

Boil the water with the sugar for a couple of minutes, until melted. Let cool and when it is lukewarm, add it to the jar with the alcohol. Close and let sit for 24 hours. Filter it.

Bottle it in a nice clear bottle, so as to see the nice green color it has acquired.

P.S. I have always used normal mint, but I once tried it with peppermint leaves and the results were excellent!.

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