• Artichokes
  • vinegar of white wine
  • parsley
  • extravirgin olive oil
  • salt
  • garlic

Clean well the Artichokes, taking away the external leaves and the stalk; leave only the internal part and cut it in 4 parts.

Now boil them. Prepare a solution made of water, vinegar of white wine and a coffee tablespoon of salt.

Let the solution boil and plunge the artichokes for 3 minutes, then drain them well,

helping yourself with a skimmer and let them dry for 2 hours over a clean and sterile dish towel.

Now put them tidily in a pot with a large mouth and inserting between one layer and another some parsley, the clean garlic cut in small pieces and the salt while at the same time let the level of the oil grow: it’s important to avoid the permanence of the bubble.

I remember you that the last layer of artichokes shall be fully covered by the oil.

Close the jar and keep it in a sideboard and eat it at least after 1 month.

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