One pound Stale Italian Bread, preferably with the thick, hard crust (it would be ideal to use the bread from Altamura or Laterza),

1 whole egg, grated pecorino cheese (this is slightly more pungent than parmesan cheese), salt, minced garlic, and parsley (the doses should be based on your own taste buds!), milk (enough to cover the bread), and extravirgin olive oil (enough for deep frying)


Put the bread (broken into big chunks) in the milk (the bread should be nice and soggy!). Take the bread out of the milk and squeeze it thoroughly. Add the rest of the ingredients. Blend well. Shape the bread into balls (usually we use the help of a tablespoon to shape them). Fry in the olive oil until they turn to a nice, deep-golden color. Drain well. You then can cook them further in a light tomato sauce for about an hour.

They taste better if prepared the day before eating them!

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