• Horse meat
  • Tomato sauce
  • Extravirgin olive oil
  • Parsley, carrots,chilly pepper, laurel , celery

Take some horse meat cut in cubes and let it browning in a pan with some onion till it takes some taste.

Add 1 litre of tomato sauce every

kilo of   meat and don’t forget to add carrots, parsley , celery and two leaves of laurel,

that bruised in the extravirgin olive oil

( like Salento DOP) and chilly pepper( diavolicchio) as you like it( the more it is the better is).

The cooking should happen over a very low heat, in a terracotta pot put in the fireside.

Take away the foam at the beginning of the cooking and let it cooking very slowly for  4 hours at least.

Serve it in small dishes accompanying with big slices of home made bread cooked on the embers.

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