• 2 kg of assorted fishes (scorpionfish, totani, cuttlefishes, mussels, clans, mullets, etc…)
  • 500 gr of peeled tomatoes
  • celery, onion, parsley;
  • extra- virgin olive oil
  • salt, pepper

home – made toast

Scale and deprive the fishes of the entrails.

Brush and open the mussels and the clams, recovering the volve with the mollusc.

In a big frying pan, let the minced onion and the celery became brown in the oil.

Add the peeled tomatoes, the minced parsley and let it cooking for 5 minutes.

Mix the cuttle fishes and totani and after 5 minutes the shellfish, the scorpion fish cut in pieces and the other fishes.

Add pepper, salt and let the fishes cooking for half an hour in ac covered skillet.

The soup must be served hot, in a turreen in which are the slices of home- made toast grease with garlic.

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